Living with a Woman

You may find this difficult to believe, but this past March in the year two thousand and eighteen, the year of our Lord, I, Ryan Thomas Dunn, entered an agreement to live with a woman for an entire month. Now, to get some of the obvious questions out of the way… One) No, there wasn’t […]

Day 365

When you travel around the world for a year, you learn a lot about time travel. That’s right. Not just “travel,” but “time travel.” You find your mind wandering going backwards in time. “I could have done this differently.” “I should have said this instead.” “What if I didn’t do this?” “What if i did…?” There’s […]

I Just Traveled Around the World for a Year and Don’t You Dare Ask Me What My Favorite Country Was

Future Ryan is kind of a dick. He’s constantly complaining to me, Present-Day Ryan, that I never think about him. Just whining and griping that I need to think about the future and Future Ryan. Future Ryan thinks he’s holier than thou. He’ll tell Present-Day Ryan things like “You really shouldn’t eat week-old Chinese food […]