Everybody Poops (except girls) – Sahara Desert Edition

Everybody poops. That’s just a fact. Everybody does it. Little babies in their diapers, dads of three on a Sunday morning, older men in their diapers. Everybody knows it and everybody does it (except girls, of course. Girls don’t poop. Right…?) Anyways, this all has a point. Stay with me here. I recently made my […]

Serbia Saturdays

For those of your keeping score at home, you know, all 6 of you (hi mom!), I’ve fallen a bit behind on my “52 Saturdays.” Well, here’s the thing. Even when you’re traveling the world, not every day or every weekend is eventful. Serbia Saturdays were no different. I spent the entire month of September […]

Embarrassed American Abroad

The United States is an embarrassment right now. Almost 6 months ago now I left home to travel around the world. And for 6 straight months I’ve had to watch from thousands of miles away as the country that I call home operates in complete and total chaos. I’ve always been incredibly proud to call […]